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We thank you for taking your time to learn more about what God is doing through Praise Covenant International Church. We believe so strongly that you will truly find the answers to the questions you have about our ministries. Join us for worship so we can meet in person! We look forward to taking the next steps of our faith journeys with you. We welcome each person with all your complexities, pain, sorrow, shame, pride and joy. Unanswered questions, who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? God bridges that gap and he breaks down these questions through his word. We invite to watch our blogs, and weekly and other messages. Like our face book page (Praise Covenant International Church) and you tube. We pray for showers of blessings upon you.
Praise Covenant International Church is a dynamic, multi-generational community called to love and serve the world through declaring the central message of Jesus Christ, the message of the Kingdom of God. The good news has brought awareness to us through Christ and it has given us freedom and courage to boldly participate in what God’s up to in the world. We have become agents of change within our spheres of influence as we define who we are, and the original intention of God for creating man. We joyfully worship to our daily work, from personal prayer to congregational service ministries, sharing of the hearts and mission work and God’s love is what we do.
Experience of being in the Kingdom has taught us love for humanity; therefore Praise Covenant International Church welcomes and embraces all God’s children. With God’s help, we create an inviting and brave space in which we celebrate and share all our gifts. We are an incubator that allows all men and women to give birth to their purpose to reach their destinies in life. We welcome the young and the old, young generation and babies. We welcome all married couples, single, widowed, divorced and we trust this is a clinic where Doctor Jesus heal the broken hearted.